Three Federal Agencies give employees access to Capital Bikeshare

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Capital Bikeshare launched just two weeks ago, with installations popping up all over town.  The idea is simple: if you need a bike, grab your helmet and check one out from Capital Bikeshare and take your ride. When you’re done, return it to any Capital Bikeshare location.  Costs are pretty reasonable, with memberships starting at $50 a year.  Too pricy?  Rent by the hour with your credit card.

Better yet, if you work for OPM, GSA or DOT, you just got a free membership, courtesy of your employer.  The three agencies announced a partnership with Bikeshare to provide access to over 1,000 bicycles across the city for their employees to use as part of a wellness initiative.

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3 thoughts on “Three Federal Agencies give employees access to Capital Bikeshare

  1. This is kind of good news, and kind of sucks in both regards. They just kicked off a wellness campaign between the “campus” of GSA, DOI and OPM, and it’s odd they didn’t include my agency, DOI in the BikeShare bennies but instead, but somewhat logically, picked DOT (transportation, right). Luckily I already had the foresight to plunk down the $50 myself for a membership in August, but still, with two bike racks right next to the triangle here, it sucks that GSA and OPM get a free treat. now, will I have to fight for bike use now that it’s free for my neighbors?

    On an aside, the shortest and most secure bike rack for BikeShare I’ve found in just inside the secured gate at the west side of the White House/OEOB across from the Corcoran…how the heck are we to get access to those three bikes if I need to tased by the Secret Service by trying to to use the bikes… :-)

  2. Tom, now that I think about it… a re-read your article… can you double-check your PR and see if it’s actually DOI – instead of DOT, since the three of us (agencies) did a joint wellness thing over the past two weeks… me thinks your eyes were messin with cha…

  3. David,

    Doublechecked. Given that it’s Ray LaHood quoted, and last I checked he was still Sec’y at DOT, it’s definitely a DOT benefit.