Hibernation Schedule for D.C. Area Farmers Markets

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Now is that time of year when you wake up a little late Saturday morning and have that mental debate with yourself over whether to get up or roll over and sleep until it’s sunny again. Last year around this time I was having that very same fight, when I bribed myself to get out of bed by heading to the local farmers market…just to find out it had closed the weekend before. It’s tough to keep all the closing dates straight, so read on and find your local market and its closing date, or check out the ones that stay open even when it’s frigid outside. Everyone loves shivering in front of their veggie purveyor.

Already Closed:

  • New Morning Farmers Market
    36th St. NW & Alton Pl. NW (Sheridan School)

Early October:

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Late October:

  • Crystal City Farmers Market (10/26)
    Crystal Dr. & S. 18th St., Arlington
    Open: 3pm-7pm, Tuesdays
  • Georgetown Farmers Market (10/27)
    26th St. NW & O St. NW (Rose Park)
    Open: 3pm-7pm, Wednesdays
  • Brookland Farmers Market (10/27)
    10th St. NE & Otis St. NE
    Open; 4pm-7pm, Tuesdays
  • HHS FreshFarm Market (10/27)
    200 Independence Ave. SW
    Open: 2:30pm-6:30pm, Wednesdays
  • USDA Farmers Market (10/29)
    12th St. SW & Independence Ave. NW
    Open: 10am-2pm, Fridays
  • Columbia Heights Community Market Place (10/30)
    14th St. NW & Kenyon St. NW
    Open: 9am-2pm, Saturdays
  • Glover Park-Burleith Farmers Market (10/30)
    Wisconsin Ave. NW & 34th St. NW
    Open: 9am-1pm, Saturdays
  • H St. FreshFarm Market (10/30)
    625 H St. NE
    Open: 9am-1pm, Saturdays

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Early November:

  • UDC Consumer Coop (11/14)
    4200 Connecticut Ave. NW
    Open: 9am-2pm, Saturdays
  • USDOT Farmers Market (11/16)
    1200 New Jersey Ave. SE
    Open: 10am-2pm, Tuesdays
  • Vermont Ave. FreshFarm Market (11/18)
    Vermont Ave. NW and H St. NW
    Open: 3pm-7pm, Thursdays

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Late November:

  • Chevy Chase Farmers Market (11/20)
    5701 Broad Brand Rd. (Lafayette Elementary School)
    Open: 9am-1pm, Saturdays
  • 14th & U Farmers Market (11/20)
    14th St. NW & U St. NW
    Open: 9am-1pm, Saturdays
  • Bloomingdale Farmers Market (11/21)
    1st St. NW & R St. NW
    Open: 10am-2pm, Sundays
  • Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market (11/21)
    3200 Mt. Pleasant St. NW
    Open: 9am-1pm, Saturdays
  • Foggy Bottom FreshFarm Market (11/24)
    I St. NW and New Hampshire Ave. NW
    Open: 3pm-7pm, Wednesdays
  • Friendship Heights Village Center Farm Market (11/27)
    4433 S. Park Ave., Chevy Chase, MD
    Open: 9am-1pm, Saturdays


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9 thoughts on “Hibernation Schedule for D.C. Area Farmers Markets

  1. Del Ray Farmers’ Market

    Corner of East Oxford & Mount Vernon Avenues
    Saturdays, 8 a.m. – Noon

    open year round

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