DC DPW suspends trash pickup citywide for Wednesday after shooting

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This morning’s deadly shooting in the DPW parking lot near W Street NE has caused today’s trash/recycling/bulk waste scheduled pickups to be pushed off a day while the organization regroups.  MPD has blocked off some areas of the waste processing facility and the streets nearby, which prevented DPW from serving citizens today.  This has created a bit of a scheduling issue, as trash days were already being delayed a day due to the Columbus Day holiday.

Our hearts go out to the family of Larry Hutchins, who was killed in the incident, and our thoughts for a speedy recovery go out to the injured worker, who has not yet been named.

Here’s the details on your next pickup:

For once-a-week pickups:

If your normal trash day is Tuesday: Your trash will be picked up next Tuesday.
If your normal trash day is Wednesday: Your trash will be picked up tomorrow.
If your normal trash day is Thursday: Your trash will be picked up Friday.
If your normal trash day is Friday: Your trash will be picked up Saturday.

For twice-a-week pickups:

Your next normal post-holiday pickup will be made according to the standard holiday schedule.

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2 thoughts on “DC DPW suspends trash pickup citywide for Wednesday after shooting

  1. Although I’m sure we all mourn the loss of yet another person in yet another stupid killing in DC, I don’t know how DC Gov’t (if you can call it a gov’t and not just a mob) can justify such a day off. It’s not like he fell a hero like police or fireboys. Here’s an idea: ASK THE FAMILY TO HOLD THE FUNERAL ON SATURDAY OR SUNDAY so the city doesn’t have to pay these lazy, sloppy trash collectors overtime. I’d be more supportive if they were’t no noisy and sloppy–they drop trash on the front of my street (I live in a townhome so I have to put my ugly trash out front) and honk and yell at each other which drives my dogs crazy in the morning. Get with it DC, can’t you work things out and save us bereaved taxpayers some money. I have the right to mourn the loss of my tax dollars don’t I? Sick and tired of DC, John Berchert

  2. First of all, DC gov’t didn’t shut down. Nor did DPW for that matter. Trash was just suspended for a day.

    But, wow. I can’t believe not one person was offended by enough by this comment to write a response? What a shame. Did it ever occur to this nut or anyone that the trash collector may have been a hero to someone? What? He’s a trash collector so he’s not a real person worthy of any sympathy or compassion? He was an innocent worker who was shot to death while at work. The killer is still at large and the other employees were traumatized still at risk of violence the following day. They had a right to want to take off. If someone came to your job and shot and killed your coworker right in front of you and escaped, you might not show up the next day either. But all this jerk off can think about is how it was affecting his trash collection.

    Some people seem to think that because they pay taxes, they own government workers. Public servants are not your slaves.

    John Berchert, if the world were filled with people like you, we’d live in a world filled to the brim with hate. Why don’t you go move to Texas so you can to patrol the border in your free time.