Man beaten to death outside DC9

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This is a deeply saddening story.  A man who threw a brick through the window at DC9 was beaten to death by several patrons from inside the bar.  The 2000 block of 9th St NW has been blocked off by Police for search during the daylight hours.  DCist’s Aaron Morrissey reports that crusader councilman Jim Graham’s communications director has said they will not be seeking a temporary closure of the venue after the incident.

C’mon DC, this is absolutely, positively unacceptable.  Catch the guy who threw the brick, sure, but you hold him until MPD arrives, not beat him to death.  Seriously, what the fuck?

Update, 11:00: TBD has tweeted that 5 employees of DC9 have been arrested in connection with the incident. In addition, they are reporting that MPD may close DC9 for up to 4 days as part of their investigation.

Update 2, 11:10: Additional words from Jim Graham are available on the U Street Yahoo Group.

Update 3, 11:35: DC9’s manager says that the person in question was still alive and healthy when he was placed in the back of an MPD cruiser last night.

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