When can we get a Metro band?

I know there can be some arguments concerning what’s appropriate on Metro, and that this would largely not constitute acceptable behavior given the whole “no music” thing, but I have to say: I would love catching these guys on the Metro at some point.  They’re Atomic Tom, and this fall they had their instruments stolen this fall, and have produced this awesome video, playing just on their iPhones.  Their album is pretty good, too.

Hey guys, come down and play on the Metro, I think it’d be pretty awesome.

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7 thoughts on “When can we get a Metro band?

  1. In September, Katie was complaining that there was some guy listening to music via his headphones. I called her out on being a suburban milquetoast, pointing out (with some other readers) that all she needed to do if was go tell the person to turn it down if it were really that big of a deal (though I suspect that her intention was to be a snarky blogger more than anything…then we wonder why Cortland calls us twits). In the process, I got totally trounced by your wife, too.

    Now here we are a month later and We Love is begging for some cool music on the metro. And the band is Brooklyn based. Ha ha ha.

    This is priceless.

    Have babies already, then pine for Rhee….and finally move back to the burbs once and for all.

  2. Oh Tom, you know I love the We Love you love (except when it’s copying DCist or promoting the non-DC burbs). I really do…else I wouldn’t be reading, much less commenting.

  3. I do get the irony here, but we’re a collection of voices, here, and while Katie (and likely Tiff) would hate the band, I think it would be pretty awesome to get a live and talented band randomly in my metro ride one day.

    I hate the tinny buzzy awfulness of iPod buds turned up too loud, but only because I *want good sound*

  4. Plus the iPod buds kill your ears. Much better to have hip and edgy over-the-ear style headphones.

    So huzzah to Atomic Tom and We Love on 10/15 for promoting ear health.

  5. FWIW, a guerrilla concert by actual musicians on Metro is in a totally different category than some douchebag blasting Miley Cyrus over his headphones so that people at the other end of the car can hear it. I mean, I realize stereotyping Internet strangers is not a hobby that allows for a lot of nuance.

  6. Luke White(lead singer) is actually a NoVa/ DC native who still comes back down here often to play plenty of gigs!