What The Tweet DC: Crying Over Spilt Beer Edition

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Nothing like a beer story to welcome you back from the weekend right?

Trending on Twitter right now is news about a tractor trailer accident on I-495 near between the left exit for Interstate 270 and Old Georgetown Road. An overturned trailer spilled Sam Adams beer all over the beltway resulting in a shutdown of the loop during today’s rush hour. Beer jokes aside, the accident has resulted in the death of the trailer driver and another driver is in critical condition.

But still we can also cry over the beer right?

Also trending locally on Twitter:

Redskins Lose to Colts on Sunday Night Football

Check out Dave Levy’s cheat sheet for all the talking points but the latest news reports that Tight-End Chris Cooley suffered from a concussion in last night’s tilt, which probably makes him questionable for this week’s game against the Bears. You could look at the 27-24 score and the late quarter push and say we aren’t doing that bad this season. I look at the Redskins and they look like a gritty team that has managed some messy wins and still doesn’t have the clear weapons to look like a legit contender.

Facebook Applications Compromised in Privacy Breach

Should we be surprised when we see links shared about another Facebook Privacy Breach? I’m not. The latest story out reveals that some Facebook applications have been transmitting user IDs that has allowed advertisers access to user profiles. Names for your spam list? Facebook apparently has an app for that.

Meme of the Day

#beatcancer has been making the rounds on timelines thanks to story that came out where PayPal would donate money towards Breast Cancer for every mention of #beatcancer that was made over the weekend. Residual mentions are still around as the weekend has come to an end.

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3 thoughts on “What The Tweet DC: Crying Over Spilt Beer Edition

  1. Yay! Let’s make jokes about a collision in which someone died! And then write one sentence about it really being serious before going back to joking!

    Or, you know, you could try to be just slightly more humane.

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  3. You are pathetic.
    Let me know when your dad or mom die and we will make a few jokes too to make us feel better.