DC9 has liquor license suspended

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In a notice posted Tuesday afternoon, the DC Alcoholic Beverages Regulatory Agency suspended indefinitely the liquor license of music venue DC9, proving that once again, liquor licensing can be used as carrot and stick in this occasionally puritan town.  DC ABRA has indefinitely suspended DC9 from serving any alcoholic beverages at their establishment.  The club has cancelled or moved all shows through the end of the month.

We’ve requested comment from DC ABRA director Fred Moosally, but at press time, haven’t had a reply.

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25 thoughts on “DC9 has liquor license suspended

  1. Murders!!! They are killers!!!! It is sad!!!!! Someone actually can get away with murder if you are connected to City officials!!! If it is a white men who jumped on a black man for a throwing a brick and eventually die from the beating, we would have seen Al Sharpton and Jesse crying out!!!! Shame DC for not delivering justice!!!!

  2. what time he arrived at the hospital. I’ve heard rumors that he was held in the back of a police cruiser for 40+ minutes before being pronounced dead at Howard Hospital (3 blocks away). MPD may share some culpability here if they did not correctly assess his situation, and get him to a hospital promptly.

  3. Does ABRA have to cite a reason for revoking a license, or can they just do so without any reason at all? I’ve looked for a stated reason but can’t find any in of the published sources.

  4. Well said G; even if (and it’s a big and unlikely “if”) they didn’t actually murder him, five guys chasing one guy down and beating him unconscious for any reason means they’re thugs. I hope DC9 is shut down for good. Even if it isn’t I’ll never go there again. I have no interested in giving business to a place that supports and employs people like that.

  5. Just curious as to why the passive (“DC9 has liquor license suspended”) instead of the active (“DC suspends DC9 liquor license”) was used

  6. I love to hear all this commentary about what a nice guy A. Muhamed was. Sounds like the kind of pabalum you hear about serial killers after they get arrested. Lets face it. Here is an Islamic guy drinking (I think thats a no no in Islam) and then he gets pissed off because the bar does the right thing and cuts him off after he gets beligerant. Its all BS because most of these people didn’t know him, didn’t drink with him and probably would have kicked him to death too if they threw a brick thru their window.

    Franky, this guy got what he deserved and more immigrants should understand that we Americans who stayed in our own country to fight for our rights do not appreciate them coming over here and telling us how we should mete out justice.


    God bless the USofA. Proud to be an American so I sign my comments, John Berchert

  7. John,

    Under no circumstances will we tolerate anyone saying that death is an appropriate response to property damage. This will serve as your first and final warning that further comments to that effect, from you or from others, will not be tolerated as part of the comments here.

    Emotions are running high on this issue, but we won’t tolerate all kinds of speech here when they’re that insensitive.

  8. @JohnBerchert, You having a bad day at work or something? In no way is killing someone for breaking a window justifiable! Breaking the window was wrong but that matter should have been referred to the police! America is a country of laws, this is what makes us a shining star that immigrants flock to!

  9. Wow John Berchert, you’re a racist jerk. Why don’t you consider leaving the US instead, I’d rather have Ali Ahmed Mohammed here instead of you. Plus, you clearly don’t even speak english (hint: pabalum isn’t a word, at least not according to the dictionary).

  10. I did not mean to say this guy deserved to die for his property damage or even attempted murder. What I meant to say was he would not have ended up dead but for (a legal term) thowing the brick thru a window of an occupied building. Maybe if we all took responsiblity for ourselves this world would be a better place.

  11. @John Berchert, This is like saying Rodney King wouldn’t have been beaten to an inch of his life if he wasn’t driving under the influence! Your logic is flawed! Remember the whole “due process” thing you learned about in middle school? You are saying that vigilante justice is acceptable because according to you the onus, or the burden of responsibility, falls on the person who committed the initial crime. Essentially, you are saying that criminals by virtue of the fact that they have committed a crime are not afforded the same rights of “due process” as others! Last time I checked this guy wasn’t a gitmo detainee!

  12. @John Berchert – what you meant to say is that the way we mete out justice here is due process and trial by jury as outlined in the US Constitution and the idea that one is innocent until proven guilty and that we as a society revere the rule of law. Most likely none of these things exist in the land of Mr Muhamed’s birth and he may have come here specifically because we in America get to enjoy these guarantees.

    What you also meant to say was that the way that we mete out justice as set out in the Constitution makes absolutely no distinction between US citizens – whether born here or immigrants – and non-citizens – and what was done to this guy was completely antithical to the American values that you so proud of.

    Now don’t you have a tea party rally or somewhere to go to?

  13. I stand corrected as I misspelled pabulum–today’s spelling is pablum. The old spelling is for more literate folks than you on this board. And, in a few words you’ll understand it means just more hot air. Plenty of it here in DC, on this board and about this crazy, drunk guy with a brick. And, yes my friends IF Rodney King had not been driving intoxicated (I believe it was booze, PCP, cocaine and a number of other things on his tox screen) he would not have been beaten so. That is, essentially, the definintion, in legal terms of the two words “but for”. I hope I splained this all nice and simple as I too don’t want to be misunderstood. John Berchert, AIA

  14. Hi John,

    I would thank you to please read our comment policy. It’s linked on every page.

    There will be no further warnings to keep things civil.



  15. That’s odd. I’ve been quite civilized in my comments. It’s others who have used pagoratives such as and I quote “racist jerk”. Funny, I’ve used no such uncivilized verbage. Perhaps you should enforce your take on the First Amendment with others not just I.

    Thank you very much, John Berchert, AIA

  16. Perhaps you meant pejorative, but I get where you’re going. I’m still waiting for you to respond to my initial email, as well, requesting clarification of your identity.

    Please check your email.

  17. Actually, tho clearly John Berchert does appear to be a reactionary, racist jerk–he has a point. Why don’t more people take more responsibility for their own actions. Why put your hand in a fire and complain about the heat. Maybe, if this guy weren’t such a violent mess when drunk he’d still be alive and drinking.