Jaime Moreno, DC Soccer Legend

Jaime Moreno, DC Legend

For those that don’t follow soccer, it’s hard to put into appropriate terms what Jaime Moreno means to D.C. United and the MLS as a whole.  As crucial as Riggins and Sonny Jurgensen are to the Redskins success a generation as ago, Moreno means more than that to United.  As important as Ovechkin is to the Caps, or Strasburg to the Nationals, Moreno is all that and more.

Moreno’s contributions to Major League Soccer are on par with Henry “Hammerin’ Hank” Aaron’s to baseball.  In his 14-year MLS career, he’s the only member of the 100-goal, 100-assist club, and is tied for the all-time lead for goals with 132.  He gets a shot at 133 this Saturday, and we’d like to send you and a friend to go see the game.  Leave your name in the comments with a valid email address in the appropriate field and we’ll pick at random on Thursday afternoon.

The team has been celebrating Moreno for the last month, and their archive of coverage is deeply impressive. Moreno has been the constant leading presence for the team from its creation through its four MLS Cup Championships and through the denouement of United over the last two years.  In many ways, Jaime Moreno is D.C. United, and it’s hard to picture the state of the franchise without him as part.

The team has a number of events planned for Saturday, culminating with a special honoring of Jaime Moreno by the 2011 Season Ticket Holders with all of the earned trophies during Moreno’s career.  Moreno is probably the least-celebrated DC star athlete, which is a shame.  Get out to RFK on Saturday afternoon and give Moreno the attention he deserves.

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13 thoughts on “Jaime Moreno, DC Soccer Legend

  1. It’s sad that Jamie Moreno and D.C. United don’t get the recognition they deserve. Their fans are fantastic, but the rest of the city doesn’t support what is arguably the best sports team in D.C.

  2. It’s pretty hard to argue that 2010’s version of D.C. United is the best at anything, unfortunately. Their lackluster on0field performance isn’t a result of poor support. A crumbling stadium doesn’t help bring out the crowd, that is true.

  3. Been to see DC United once – would love to go back! The Barra Brava are must be the craziest group of fans in the country..

  4. Would love to see DC United play… Never saw them play before live but I’m excited that you’re covering soccer- unfortunately it’s just not covered enough in American media :(

  5. Does MLS have a Hall of Fame?

    How long before he is eligible?

    It is a shame that there is not more of an aura surrounding Moreno. The Post seems to have not given them enough coverage.

    But he is/was a superstar!

  6. I have been following morenos career for a while now. and when i went to his last game it seriously broke my heart to see him go in the locker room. because i knew that was the last i would see him. even know hes gone hes defiantly still in my heart and always will be. “you may be gone but not forgotten”. i love you forever and always.<3