Last Chance for an Absentee Ballot

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‘November 2, 2010 California Election: Starchild for Board of Education’
courtesy of ‘DoNotLick’

Today is the citywide deadline to register for an absentee ballot for next Tuesday’s General Election.  Yes, there’s a whole other election.  Yes, that means you can vote for or against Vincent Gray again on Tuesday.  Yes, there’s also early voting again and all sites are open from now til Election Day, so even if you miss today’s deadline for an absentee ballot, you can still vote before Election Day on Tuesday.  Yes, there’s even a PDF Voters’ Guide so you can review all of the candidates on the (lengthy) ballot and read their (sometimes crazy and occasionally hilarious) message to voters.

Elections are part of the toolset of Democracy, and though you think your primary vote may have been enough, there’s no reason to stay home on Election Day, especially when there are all those ANCs up for vote.

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