Breaking News: Morty’s is Now Closed

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It’s probably the saddest news I’ve gotten since moving to the District — Morty’s Delicatessen in Tenleytown is now closed.

Just moments ago, I received word from a gentleman over the phone at Morty’s that they are in the process of shutting down shop. No further details were available at this time, but more on this story is sure to come on Wednesday once the table-tops, pickle jars, and hanging salamis are left to their own devices.

Owner Morty Krupin, 71, had retired this past March but assured his clientele that his retirement would have no bearing on keeping the New York style Delicatessen open.

While the details are not available at this time, I find it pertinent to say: “Thank you, Morty Krupin, for providing hundreds of hungry stomachs with the New York style comfort food that we who showed up at your restaurant craved so badly.”

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9 thoughts on “Breaking News: Morty’s is Now Closed

  1. If this news is accurate, how sad that Morty’s is closing! Such a good deli with the best blintzes and potato pancakes and comfortable atmosphere. Been going to this restaurant for years.

  2. Man, I just moved here from Brooklyn and have been craving some NY deli delights. Wish I knew about this place sooner.

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  4. The Tenleytown listserv indicates that AU, which owns the building Morty’s (or Krupin’s) is in, jacked up the rents significantly, forcing the deli to close.

    It’s particularly sad since the only other place even remotely similar and nearby is the Parkway Deli which isn’t nearly as good.

  5. I’ve been coming here for years with my family. Not as good as Katz or Barney Greengrass in NYC but still a great place to take the family. It’s always sad to lose a local institution.

  6. I’d been going to Morty’s for a few years now. Great omelettes. I’m really miffed at my (soon-to-be) alma mater for being real jerks with the rent – apparently, that’s why the Balducci’s on New Mexico Ave. closed down a while back.

  7. Does anybody have forwarding information for Morty? Would love to thank him for the restaurant.

  8. As a long time customer I can tell you the quality went way down hill. Cured olives replaced with canned black olives. Portions decreased. I stopped going there in September when it was apparent it was not still the same place. Best matzo ball soup though. Sad. We lost an institution but it started before the doors closed.