Cheat Sheet: Bye Week Edition

Puck Warning

It’s Monday morning, and there’s a water cooler to talk at, but the Redskins are off this week. “Crap!” I can hear you thinking, “with no Redskins, I know that Darryl from Accounting is going to talk about the Wizards,” or “Roger from Marketing wants to talk about the Capitals!”  Fear not, DC, we have your talking points regardless:

Hockey: It’s not just for breakfast anymore

Okay, relax. Hockey’s easy. Talk about how disappointed you are that the Caps haven’t put their offense all together yet.  If they grill you, citing a few blowouts, ask about where Ovechkin’s mojo is.  They might get defensive, yes, but you can say that you’re still happy with the top of the Southeast with last night’s overtime win.  You’ll be fine.  I promise. And get out to Verizon Center, that’s a pretty fun and fan-friendly atmosphere.


Hoops: It’s all John Wall

I know we’re taking you out of your comfort zone to talk about basketball, but we’ve got a few things to mark off the list here.  Gush about John Wall. The kid’s amazing. He just missed a triple-double (that’s double-digit totals in Assists, Points and Steals) against Philly last week, so figure that will come up.  The Wizards need to run the floor better, and they’re still adapting to the return of Gilbert Arenas.  They’ve got a long long way to go before they’re good again.

Football: Okay, okay, they’re still going to talk football

This town is certifiably Redskins crazy.  They’re still going to want to talk about the Cowboys Collapse against Green Bay (admit it, you sort of like it when they crow about another team losing, it’s rivalries that make sports good and interesting at all to some.) and you can say things like, “yeah, they’re really screwed,” and “Is Jerry Jones going to actually make people suffer? Is he hiring a Torquemada of Texas or something?”

They’re going to want to talk about Grossman/McNabb, and it doesn’t matter if you pick one direction or the other, because no one really seems to be focusing on merits at all.  Embrace it.


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