Arlington County Police To Ticket Jaywalkers This Morning In Rosslyn

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If you live in the DC Metro Area, or if you have been a pedestrian any time of your life, then you probably have crossed the street when you weren’t supposed to. Maybe you were impatient for the lights to change and there weren’t any cars in the street. Perhaps you enjoy living a real-life game of frogger on your way to Starbucks. We all know it’s technically illegal but who’s going to get a ticket for jaywalking?

Well if you work or live in Rosslyn you might end up with a ticket if you don’t follow the pedestrian rules of the road this morning.

According to TBD, Arlington County Police will be out during the rush hours of 7AM – 9AM and 12PM – 1PM to enforce jaywalking and other traffic violations around the busy intersections of North Moore, North Lynn, and Wilson Boulevard. The intersections are located outside the 1100 Wilson building (home of WJLA-TV/TBD and my office) and the Rosslyn metro station. The intersections there are often busy with foot traffic and is just ripe for police to start handing out jaywalking tickets to those that can’t wait for the “walk” sign.

The show of force is coordinated in conjuction with the StreetSmart program, a campaign to inform local citizens on pedestrian and bicyclist safety through safe habits and obeying traffic laws.

So for those walking through Rosslyn make sure you use those crosswalks and wait for the light, or else you could be walking away with a pricey ticket.

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