GW Campus Facilities Transition to “GWorld 2.0” Cards

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Being a George Washington University alumna who still lives in DC, I appreciate being able to occasionally duck into Gelman library to do research or have a quiet workspace.

As of November 15th, The GW Hatchet reports, new “GWorld 2.0” cards will be required to continue to access campus facilities. Alumni are instructed to head down to the GWorld office to trade in their old cards.

Good news, though, is that a new ID requires a new photo – which, in my case at least, should make the card much more plausible for trying to get the student rate admission at museums.

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3 thoughts on “GW Campus Facilities Transition to “GWorld 2.0” Cards

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  2. FWI, I did this a few months ago because I wanted to get into Gelman but had lost my GWorld. The new cards are MUCH nicer looking than the old ones, but they do say “Alumni” fairly prominently on the bottom, so it’s very clear it’s not a student ID.