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We’re sorry the cheatsheet is so late, but I’m guessing that given the 59-28 ass-whooping that the Redskins took last night, I suspect that there was a lot of not talking about the Skins at the water cooler today, which is enough to give you some clue what they’re dealing with today. There are still a few things you need to know:

A thick coat of shellac: Well, McNabb got a four year extension to play until he’s Brett Favre’s age while Mike Vick ran us for some 400+ yards and six touchdowns. President Obama, see, that’s a shellacking.

Redskins signed McNabb to five more years: This one’s a tough one, because there’s some controversy here. McNabb’s career has some significant milestones, but it’s clear he’s not the quarterback that he once was. He remains, though, a battle-tested leader and strong clubhouse presence.  Still, that won’t matter if the team can’t put together some form of defense.

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