Charter School gets grant for 700 iPads

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The Business Journal’s Michael Neibauer has the story of a DC Public Charter School that has received a grant for an iPad for each of their students. Each of their 700 students will receive an iPad that they can use in their day-to-day classroom experience.  A little skeptical of the new tablet’s usability in schools? A friend of mine in Scotland has done this project already, having received a private grant to roll out a large number of iPads for elementary and middle school students.

Looking at his early results in regards to what the iPad is doing in his school, it’s hard to not like the potential, but as with everything, the devil is in the implementation.  I wish Friendship PCS the best of luck with this program, if it succeeds in doing what their COO says and puts accessible technology for learning in the hands of every student, then they’ll have achieved where many have failed.

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One thought on “Charter School gets grant for 700 iPads

  1. I’m curious to know not just what the school does in implementing the technology in the classroom, but what does the school do for the kids’ personal safety and security? Do the iPads stay at the school? Or are 700 kids now walking targets for criminals to jack them for their iPad?