Deal for multiple Wal-Marts in DC in the works

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‘Urban Wal-Mart in White Plains, NY’
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Late last night, Twitter was abuzz with news of development across the river in Ward 7.  Council member Yvette Alexander (W7) tweeted, “Big box retailer coming to Ward 7? Stay tuned!” This being the age of instant gratification and always-on communication, Fairfax Village‘s Veronica Davis pressed Alexander for more details.  Councilman Tommy Wells (W6) replied with the bombshell: “Walmart’s coming to DC.

That was enough to get things rolling on Twitter and for the council members to respond with some critical details concerning the new sites: there would be multiple smaller, more urban Wal-Marts in the District with Wards 7 and 5 being locations on the current plan.  The total number would be “less than 10” and the sites would largely be 80,000-90,000 square feet instead of the 220,000 square feet sites in the suburbs.

The new urban model Wal-marts start at 20,000 square feet, and have at their heart a grocery model, which Wells says has Wal-mart playing average grocery store wages in the new locations, including the ones slated for DC, according to Wells.  These new stores could go a long way to solving some of the Food Desert problems that the eastern side of the city frequently have, but there are concerns around the big box model that have a lot to do with abandonable, non-reuseable storefronts, and that’s something the city will have to address as part of the development process.  The good news is, though, that multiple new retail venues can mean an increase in jobs for both skilled and unskilled labor, and in a city with double digit unemployment, it’s hard to argue with jobs.

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2 thoughts on “Deal for multiple Wal-Marts in DC in the works

  1. These need to make the storefronts mixed use locations like you have with the Yes Organic on Penns. Ave. (across the Anacostia Bridge) Grocery/Retail space on the bottom and condos and office space above. This will ensure that if Walmart leaves it will still be an attractive location for another retailer due to the population living above the retail space.

    On another note, I truly applaud Yes Organic for putting their stores in locations where there aren’t quality grocery stores! And no one give me the comment that these people can’t afford it, I see lower income people in Yes Organic all the time (the new Anacostia Yes Organic as an example).

  2. Jobs are something, but are temporary, minimum wage jobs with minimal room for promotion more important than the long term effects. Placing big box walmarts damn new eliminates the chance that local grocers will ever be able to make a comeback. Id rather see a self sufficient community than a community reliant on walmart