Marion Barry defends welfare reform, clings to myth that FBI set him up


Marion Barry went on Fox Business news today to talk about his plan to reform the welfare system, but got taken off on a tangent to talk about his arrest 20 years ago for crack cocaine.

Fox: “Are you the best person to do this? With all due respect, your honor, you disgraced yourself in office…and now you’re trying to be the example for welfare reform and a real shift.  I put it to you sir, you’re not the best example.

Barry: “Well, that’s your view about it. The FBI 20 years ago set me up, entrapped me, spent $50M. That’s all behind us now.”

Barry then went on to compare himself to Nixon going to China.  Gotta love hizzoner. The whole clip is worthwhile, as the TANF situation is certainly that could use reform, but is reform lead by Marion Barry worth working on?

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One thought on “Marion Barry defends welfare reform, clings to myth that FBI set him up

  1. We all have skeletons in our closet! Kennedy and Chappaquiddick; Clinton and Monica; Martin Luther King and his mistresses; Mother Theresa and her doubts about her faith………….The list goes on! This is a good initiative, point blank; who cares if a Monkey is spear-heading this?