ABRA: DC9 may reopen December 15th

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According to TBD’s Sommer Mathis, who attended today’s ABRA hearing, DC9 has been given permission by ABRA to reopen on December 15th if they so choose.  The Board had some conditions set out under previous meetings that were met: they had to revamp the video security system, and under no circumstances could they employ at any of the restaurants/bars in the same group, the five individuals initially charged with the death of Ali Ahmed Mohammad until after the January 19th status hearing.

I’m not sure why that last condition was necessary, but given the choice between abandoning his staff and keeping his various licenses in order, there’s little choice that Joe Englert has at this point.  By the status hearing on the 19th, the DC Medical Examiner should have an autopsy report, hence the rescheduled date.

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  1. Any business owner has a right to protect it’s property in any means necessary.

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