Metro shortens timeline to meet NTSB recommendations

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Metro’s Finance & Administration committee today approved a $15.7M “budget reprogramming” to shorten the process to meet the NTSB recommendations after last July’s fatal train crash.  Included in the budget modification is the replacement of the track circuits that lead to the issue, installation of event recorders onboard the 1000- and 4000-series, conduct a comprehensive safety analysis of Automatic Train Operation and the beginnings of the replacement process for the 1000-series.

The use of the safety language surrounding ATO suggests to me that we’re looking at 2012 at the earliest before ATO returns to Metro, meaning that your commutes across town are going to remain herky-jerky for the forseeable future.

The funds are coming from within the Capital Improvement Program, nominally coming from a delayed project with the CIP 025 line item reserved for Track Maintenance Equipment, which has been delayed.

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