DC9 to reopen Wednesday

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‘DC9 Memorial Ali, The Morning After’
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DC9, alleged site of the beating that claimed the life of Ali Ahmed Mohammed in October, is slated to reopen on Wednesday evening.  DC ABRA has temporarily lifted the closure of the space until their January 19th re-assessment hearing, which should hopefully have the final medical examiner’s report.  Requests for comment via email from DC9 were not returned, and the phone is not being answered at their location at this time.  The club is listed to be opening at 9pm on their website.

I fear the scene at DC9 on Wednesday will be anything but jovial, and that a strong protest will happen at the site.  I’ll be there Wednesday and will hopefully have more news as we get closer to the event.

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8 thoughts on “DC9 to reopen Wednesday

  1. >>”alleged site of the beating that claimed the life of ”

    If the scene is anything but jovial on Wed, that will be in some part due to the media repeatedly pouring fuel on the fire by running pieces that take it for granted Mohammed was beaten to death when in fact we simply don’t know yet what happened.

    The ME report has not been released, but the ME has told the DA it can’t be concluded that he was beaten to death, which the DA publicly cited as *one* reason for dropping charges (they have not publically stated the other reasons they did this). It seems undisputed however that he was drunk and wanted to drink more at 2:30am. There are other possible causes of death here.

    Can the media stop writing stories that assume certain people are murderers until we actually know something? Because that’s what this post is essentially saying.

  2. WOW!!! Ok, if that’s your policy, then ok. It’s just that usually even the most biased media don’t consider themselves “stuck” with anyone’s narrative, they try to be a little independent, examine other info they can find, geez, maybe even consider someone innocent until proven guilty instead of just being stuck, as you put it, with what the police told them. But it’s your website, your rules, fair enough. Thanks for the response.

  3. We recognize there’s an alternate narrative here, and that there’s clearly a lot of gray area here in terms of what actually happened to Ali Ahmed Mohammed, but it’s not exactly clear what that narrative is. I want to believe the best of the DC9 staff, and that they were not directly responsible, but the evidence, such that has been released to the public, is not conclusive and could go either way.

    And yes, we recognize that the staff of DC9 that stand accused have the presumption of innocence in court, and that’s why it’s the alleged beating and not the beating-in-fact.

  4. If you’re going with the facts, you might want to note that DC9 is not the site of the beating (alleged or otherwise) – that happened up the street. The only thing that happened at DC9 was that someone threw a brick through the window.

  5. I like DC9, but I just don’t see how someone dieing while being beaten up can be labeled as a mysterious and inconclusive death.

  6. @jd: that’s kind of the point, we have witnesses that say there was no beating, and witnesses that say there was.

    I have no idea what’s going on over at the medical examiner’s office. This happened two months ago, they’re not going to learn anything new from the body that they didn’t already know weeks ago, so sit down and write the damn report already. Are there really that many people dying left and right under disputed or strange circumstances in DC that the office is that backed up?