AOL Unveils “DC’s Bests”

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America Online (AOL) has released its 2010 DC Best Bets list and, personally, I find it underwhelming. Nominees for the various categories were selected by AOL editors and then voted on by AOL readers.

Tops on this year’s list include:
Best After-Work Bar: Lucky Bar
Best Day Drinking: Cantina Marina
Best Irish Pubs: The Dubliner
Best Mexican Food: Lauriol Plaza
Best Sushi and Japanese: Café Asia
Best Sports Bars: Rhino

One particular interesting listing:
Best Place to Break Up: Lincoln Memorial

Really? You invite someone out to a day at the park and break up with them? Cold, man, cold.

The Washington Business Journal has the complete list.

Rebecca Johnson

A born and bred New Yorker, Rebecca made the big trip “down south” to DC in 2006 and hasn’t looked back. She spends her days strategizing/planning/ideating how interactive products can help her clients and change the world. In her free time, she explores DC’s ever expanding bar, restaurant and small business scene, plays a crap ton of soccer, attends concerts that contribute to her sleep deprivation and embarks on local adventures. Read why Rebecca loves DC or follow her on twitter.

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10 thoughts on “AOL Unveils “DC’s Bests”

  1. I’m sure breakups at the Lincoln Memorial has something to do with “freeing the slaves.”

  2. Cafe Asia? Rhino? Lucky Bar?

    No offense, but AOL clearly has NO CLUE regarding anything DC-related.

  3. What’s missing is a disclaimer that says that these are the best places in DC according to people who live in Ashburn, VA. Honestly we don’t want them all to know about the good stuff so quiet! :)

  4. How many college kids did you bribe for this pole? This reads like a “Best of” by GW’s Class of 2014!

  5. The other comments above are right, assuming you like wearing salmon-colored critter pants to exclusive bars with rude staff.

    An alternative viewpoint: the list isn’t exhaustive, but these places are pretty good. Lauriol Plaza is delicious and Rhino Bar keeps it real, which is refreshing.

    Take your pastel popped collars elsewhere.

  6. I can see breaking up with someone at the Lincoln Memorial. It’s a public place and if things get too dicey you can always just go to the car and drive home alone. I suppose it’s about as nice as breaking up over email, which I did once. I didn’t feel good about it afterward but at least there was no crying in public with Honest Abe looking on.