Census Data coming this morning

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‘Card Puncher, an Integral Part of the Tabulation System Used by the United States Census Bureau to Compile the Thousands of Facts Gathered by the Bureau’
courtesy of ‘The U.S. National Archives’

Last week, we gave you the New York Times’ block-by-block coverage of the country, which separated census tract data into awesome data maps that you could play with at will.  Today, we’re going to give you another one, courtesy of the US Census Bureau.  At 11am today, they’re releasing the state count numbers for apportionment of the Congress.

How’s that work? Glad you asked.  The Census Bureau has a neat little video on how they do the apportionment process and what it means.  There’s one spot just crying out for an asterisk and an “offer void in the District of Columbia,” though, so if you’re sensitive on the voting rights issue, you may want to know that going in.

The map will go live with 2010 data at 11, but you can explore the 2000 data now.  Let’s see how DC did!

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