At-Large Councilmember Michael Brown considering At-Large run

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Yes, you read that correctly.

D.C. Councilmember Michael A. Brown (I-at Large) is considering running for D.C. Council in the upcoming special election to fill Kwame Brown’s soon-to-be-vacant at-large seat. Brown, who was elected to the Council as an independent in 2008 has been itching to switch his party affiliation back to the Democratic party. Everyone in the world knows that Brown is actually a Democrat, and his father, the late Ron Brown worked for the Clinton Administration and served as chair of the DNC. Brown shed the (D) from his name two years ago to run for one of the two seats reserved for minority parties.

So what does this mean for the special election? If Michael A. Brown entered the race, he’d have a pretty strong advantage out of the gate. He’s got pretty strong name recognition across the city and has the advantage of incumbency. However, that ignores the fact that this entire maneuver is completely ridiculous, self-serving and most of all, absurd. If Brown were to win and “switch” seats, that would result in yet another special election, this time reserved for minority parties. That would also cost the city at least another $500,000. Money the city does not have.

This does call into question the whole idea of seats being set aside for minority parties, and the process of switching party affiliation. Everyone in the world knows that Brown is a Democrat and for him to hold one of the reserved non-Democratic seats is also absurd. This maneuvering is likely to help pave the way for an eventual mayoral bid for Brown, possibly as soon as 2014. Sources close to Brown told me back in November he had decided against pursuing the vacant seat, because a loss could result in him losing his current seat. It appears at present no one is sure if that is the case or not. How no one is sure, I don’t know, but yet another reason why we need to reform how D.C. Council elections work.

If Brown wants to switch parties, he should resign his current at-large seat and run for the open seat. This could allow both special elections to occur on the same ballot, and show that Brown is willing to take some sort of political risk to rejoin the Democratic Party. If Brown runs for the seat while staying on the Council, it will be a campaign that will be very hard to take seriously. Remember, at least Michael D. Brown ran as a Democrat, his true party affiliation.

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4 thoughts on “At-Large Councilmember Michael Brown considering At-Large run

  1. The position of the Board of Elections and Ethics seems absurd. The charter says that no more than three of the five at-large council seats (including the chair) can be held by members of the same party. There are no seats reserved for Democrats or minority party members. Given that, it should be possible for Michael A. Brown to change his party registration to Democratic on Jan 2, when one at-large seat is vacant. At that point there would be only three Democrats in at-large seats: both Browns and Mendelson.

    For some reason, BOEE says that’s not possible. Fair enough (though if I were MAB I might take it to court). But if so, how on earth can MAB run in the special election as a Democrat while keeping his current seat? It makes no sense.

  2. Yeah, I suppose he’d have to run for the other at-Large seat as an independent as well but then change party affiliation after he’s elected? Which, you know, makes no sense and is the same exact thing as if he changed party affiliation right now? It breaks my brain, completely. If he has to switch to Democrat to run for the vacant seat and he loses… then… well, yeah. I don’t see how this is even possible and it is so completely ridiculous.

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  4. Junior Brown is going to buy a “D” for $500,000. With other people’s money, of course. Stay tuned for the next Wheel of Fortune!