ICYMI: January 3rd, 2011

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For your consideration as you trek on home from your day, we will be presenting you with a set of great stories to pass the time away as you leave work and head home.  These should give you something to think about as you head away from work and toward wherever you hang your hat this evening.

Alex Howard at Digiphile nails the problem with influence contests like #DCTweeps: They don’t give us anything new, they just let us demonstrate who can gin up the most votes. Give us better choices, and we’ll give you better results.

Terry Bellamy is taking the helm at DDOT for now according to TBD’s Dave Jamieson, and his introductory email boils down to “Keep Doing What You’re Doing.”

ScienceBlogs.com has an amazing dissection of the anti-vaccine community and how dangerous the movement is, and how its roots, oddly with NBC4 here in DC, come from interesting motives.

David Alpert is chairing the RAC committee tonight about the Metro Bag Searches, and has some interesting questions that he’ll be getting answers to. Public comment will be held, but limited first to speakers of 60 seconds or less, and then to people who want 120 seconds.

The Post’s William Booth has an exposé about lucha libre and its nonparticipation in the narcocultura of Mexico.  Worth it for the photos alone, but stay for the bastion of great culture.

Lastly, an elegy for the British Pub from the Economist’s obituaries editor. Times are difficult for the publicans of London and the British Isles, and a good dissection of their demise is within the grasp of the average man.  Not that you’re average, dear reader.

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