ICYMI: January 4th 2011

Today’s edition of ICYMI is powered by 1990s flashbacks, the awesome power of the animated .gif, the idea of Mary Cheh hunting parking ticket scofflaws like vermin, and the fact that it’s still light outside at 4:55pm. Enjoy the hysterical Ovechkin ad on ESPN, above, and click through for a few more great things to read at home.

First up, we have Ted Leonsis’ sweet new digs, courtesy of Bethesda Magazine from last year. Marwood on the Potomac is now the home of DC’s best sports magnate, and boy is it gorgeous. We’re hoping for an invite to the housewarming, Uncle Ted.

Slate has a look at the greening of the Pharma industry by a few drug researchers concerned about what happens when medications end up in the water system. It’s definitely a challenge near and dear to our hearts, considering all the intersex fish that have arrived in the Potomac of late.

The “Mint Condominiums” (Warning: plays music, is Flash) on RIA in near Northeast/Stronghold made a stir on Twitter with their website this morning that was more Gothamist than DCist, but when I went back to look this evening, it had switched to using Treasury Building images, which is still nowhere near 3rd and Rhode Island Avenue NE where the building will be located, and they’ve still got spanglish typos, but hey, it’s a start, right?

Freeman Klopott at the Washington Examiner noted last night that the District is owed $300M in unpaid tickets, and this afternoon Councilwoman Mary Cheh announced a delinquest debt recovery bill to go after those who haven’t paid their traffic tickets.

The National Zoo has posted additional photos of the Cheetah Cubs that were born in December. The cuteness may burn you.

Got your Megamillions ticket? Jackpot is a sweet $224M in a lump sum right now, and as Mike DeBonis points out, that could go a long way to help local finances with the taxes that come with it.

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