Drafting Bryan Weaver?

The tweets started yesterday morning from occasional contributor to We Love DC Dave Stroup. The point was immediately clear: If Bryan Weaver wasn’t going to throw his name into the hat for At-Large Council, Stroup was going to throw him into the ring himself.  Organizing online, Stroup has gathered Tweet Signatures, Online Petition Signatures, and setup a website to get the Ward One community activist off the bench and into the At-Large race that currently has few inspiring candidates.

The question remains: can you really draft someone to raise/spend a bunch of money to run for At-Large council? It’s a hard sell in the full field fracas that will be this replacement election, where there are already a dozen petitions in the field. If there was one person I’d add to that mix to give people a real choice, though, Weaver’s the name I’d add to the mix.

It’s hard to ignore Weaver’s actions in difficult urban situations with his Hoops Sagrado program, and his understanding that “Politics is not about money, politics is not about power, politics is not about power games. It is about people’s lives.”

I’m behind any draft movement that can push someone who understands that governance is about the livelihoods and I’ve got a C-note ready if he decides to run.

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