ICYMI: January 5th, 2011


Today is the first day the sun sets at 5:00 or later. Starting Saturday, we pick up more than a minute of day light every day. Not so shabby. A few bits and bobs about Art in Anacostia and Mt. Pleasant, Mixed Use and Saint Elizabeth’s, and what happens to your Faceyspaces when you shuffle off this mortal coil follow for your ride home.

Blank Space SE opened today, says The GOG Blog and will be running an open house til 7pm. Head on over! It’s a pop-up space gallery in Anacostia.

Speaking of pop-up space, the Mt. Pleasant Temporium is getting ready for a run in late January and early February. Dates, are, of course, unavailable. More info coming, I’m sure.

Housing Complex has the story of the Feds fighting mixed use development near the St. Elizabeth’s Campus, which seems, well, stupid.

The New York Times is covering the heady subject of what happens to all your pixels when you die, which is a pretty good question.

Politico has the goods on the newest Local Editor of the Washington Post, Vernon Loeb.

Last but not least, it ends with a whimper: The Hill on the end of Eleanor Holmes Norton’s vote in the Committee of the Whole. As expected, yesterday’s events on the Hill were as impotent as you’d have thought. Best quote of the day? Stephanie Mencimer: “Citing Constitution, new Tea Party Congress further disenfranchises lots of black people on first day at work”

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