ICYMI: January 6th, 2011

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First off, a note. Last week, WLDC readers bought raffle tickets to benefit DC Central Kitchen. This morning, We Love DC and So What’s the Deal presented DCCK with a check for over $1,600. If that doesn’t give you a warm fuzzy, I don’t know what to tell you. Thanks for all who donated.

If you’ve been dying for a cocktail while Passenger was closed, it’s safe to go back now. They reopen tonight.  Try a mezcal old fashioned. You’ll thank our drinks team later.

During the publicity stunt reading of the Constitution on the floor of the House of Representatives, a birther cried out for attention. Dave Weigel from Slate tracked her down. Reading her blog is…interesting.

The Metro RAC has politely requested that WMATA Police stop bag inspections according to Dr. Gridlock. The WMATA board can ask that the RAC’s recommendations be carried forward, but there’s no requirement.

Without prompt action, says the WBJ’s Michael Neibauer, DC might be in some deep crap, credit-rating-wise.

Yoga and Tai Chi for DYRS wards? Freeman Klopott of the Examiner gives you the skinny.

Since it’s James Van Der Week at Funny or Die, we now present you with animated Dawsongrams for each of the area sports teams: Capitals (Eager Beaver), Wizards (Sobbing), Redskins (Awkward) Nationals (Eyebrow Dancing) and D.C. United (Dramatic Dawson).

Since we’re on the subject of Dawson, you can hire him, fellas.

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