Increased Food Truck Enforcement?

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The word spread over Twitter in yesterday’s lunch hour that MPD was spotted talking with two food trucks at L’Enfant Plaza, and that perhaps one of them had received a ticket.  This morning, we’re hearing that one of the Sauca vehicles was forced to move yesterday. We talked with one of those trucks yesterday afternoon late, and spoke with the operator, Dingo from Fojol Bros.  They have noticed a significant uptick in MPD attention to food trucks since the new year.

When I called MPD late yesterday, I was told by Officer Paul Metcalf in the PIO’s office that they would look into this and return contact, but have yet to do so.  My emails to the Mayor’s office returned this statement from the Mayor’s Spokeswoman Doxie McCoy: “There has been no move by the Gray administration to crackdown on food trucks.”

One of the biggest complaints so far has to do with the officer in charge of permitting these events, Officer Steinbach.  You can read a complaint concerning his behavior in a PDF supplied to DCRA during this summer’s run-up to the legislative rulemaking process concerning the food trucks.

If you’d like to make your voice heard about harassing treatment of the Food Trucks in DC, you can fill out this form online, or better yet, take a second and call the Mayor’s Office and let them know that you want the MPD to stop harassing the food trucks.  Their office can be reached at: (202) 727-2980.  In addition, Councilwoman Muriel Bowser’s office has been working on food truck related issues for the last year or so, and could use your attention: (202) 724-8052.

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