DC Water asks Congress to give up the bottle

Recycling Water Bottles
Recycling Water Bottles by Mr. T in DC

Late yesterday, DC Water General Manager George S. Hawkins sent a letter to Speaker Boehner accompanied by ten reusable water bottles. The message was clear: You’re looking to save money, cutting bottled water would save almost $800,000 a year from Congress’ staffs.

While I’m fairly sure that the message fell on deaf ears on the Hill, it’s good to see DC Water ponying up with a few good ideas for saving money. We’ve gone to just filtering DC Water at home, and love it. When cases of bottled water keep rising in price, we’re paying just pennies on the dollar.

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2 thoughts on “DC Water asks Congress to give up the bottle

  1. Giving up bottled water would require the Republican House to acknowledge things like global warming and the need for environmental awareness.

  2. Go George Hawkins! Bottled water is such a waste of resources (both financial and environmental) when you can use a re-usable bottle.