Light Snow Expected Tomorrow

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Expect the grocery stores to be packed to the gills tonight and the dairy and bread cases empty. Why? Well, the powers that be in the Weather world are predicting 1-4″ of snow.  While those of us who’ve been here more than just a couple minutes know this isn’t the end of the world, that won’t prevent us from acting like we don’t need more toilet paper tonight.  But, here’s what the weather gurus we like and trust are saying:

Capital Weather Gang: 1-4″

Last night, Jason Samenow from CWG liveblogged the arrival of the late night models. It’s a bit weather nerdy, so if you’re into that, I highly recommend delving into his separation of the GFS and NAM models to find a happy middle ground for a forecast of 1-4″.  Snow will increase as you move south to north and west to east, with Baltimore getting significantly more, and the storm hammering Philly, New York & moving north from there.  Got Eastern Seaboard travel tomorrow? Time to rethink.

TBD’s John Metcalfe: 2″+

ABC’s John Metcalfe has a good dissection of the overnights this morning that says we’re likely to get 2″ or so from the storm due to start tomorrow at noontime.  He also draws the parallel to the Christmas Day storm that totally fizzled for us, and suggested that it’s possible the same could happen.  He also points out that something appears to be protecting DC from the snowstorms that are crushing the northeast, when those same storms last year gave us Snowpocalypse and friends.  I’m betting it’s a dark pact between the heads of DDOT, DPW and other fine city agencies. Can we get a budget line item check for extra chickens?

DC Councilwoman Mary Cheh: Cloudy with a chance of Fines

Yes, this is a joke, but the Councilwoman reintroduced a bill last week that would give you eight daylight hours after the last of the snow to shovel your public thoroughfare sidewalks before you could be fined up to $250 (if you’re a business) or $25 (if you’re a homeowner).  So, be sure to grab a snowshovel on Amazon today if you haven’t already, they can deliver for tomorrow.

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  1. CWG is awesome. They have become the one stop shopping for weather.

    The Weather Channel? Local meteorologists? So 20th Century!