GQ Shines a Bright Light on Washington

GQ's Washington DC

Ah, there’s nothing like a good joke at the expense of politicians, is there?  GQ would agree and has this lovely map which features delightful names for places we all know and love.  Like calling K Street the “Grass-Roots Funding Avenue,” and the Verizon Center “where white and black people come together”.

There’s nothing quite like New Yorkers telling us what we should call our city, is there? It would’ve been nice if they’d at least given the map some local color, but apparently like all New Yorkers, the only part of DC that matters to GQ is the federal part. Next time, GQ, maybe take a look at the rest of the city?

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2 thoughts on “GQ Shines a Bright Light on Washington

  1. I think you missed the sarcasm in GQ’s post. They are openly mocking new Republicans. They say the National Mall doesn’t have a Cinnabon…yet. That’s funny. I’m always up for defending DC, especially from New Yorkers, but this is off base.