ICYMI: January 13th, 2011

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Today, we’ve got stripper on stripper violence, an all-hands piece from TBD on the violence in Prince George’s County, Arlington throws out a textbook, and Mayor Fenty’s got a new job.  The Sun sets today at 5:07pm. We’re picking up a minute of daylight a day, and it can’t come fast enough.  Here’s some light reading for your evening.

Rend Smith of Washington City Paper has the story of a fight at Skylark Lounge between two dancers which lead to an ABRA hearing that was postponed yesterday.

The textbook that was the subject of national scrutiny over significant errors of historical accuracy has been thrown out by the Arlington Public Schools according to the Post.  Good riddance.

TBD’s whole operation spent the day working on a unified story that seeks to tell some of the story behind the 13 murders in 11 days in Prince George’s County.  It’s worth the long read.

DCist has the word on Adrian Fenty’s new gig with an accounting and consulting firm based out of Philly.

Lastly, for all you geeks out there, Dan Rowinski of GCN has a solid review of what it really means to be a 4G network, and how none of the current cell companies are really there, no matter what their marketing says.

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