ICYMI: January 14th, 2011

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‘Iwo Jima at Sunrise’
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The sun goes down tonight at 5:08pm, so look out for some sparkly vampires as you head out to Happy Hour.  The nine circles of Gay Hell, consequences of the Internet, a mental typo gone public, and the newest National.  All here for your edification just before you hit the bricks to enjoy your weekend.

As you may have heard, the Westboro Baptist “Church” is in town to troll protest various organizations for reasons beyond possible comprehension. BYT has a solid guide for the 9 circles of “gay hell” where you probably will find Fred later tonight.

Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) got in some trouble last weekend when he said there were (then) 9 shootings in DC to start the new year, when he probably meant in the DC Area or in Prince George’s County. He’s not sorry, according to DCist.

Tom Knott, who owns the Black Squirrel in Adams Morgan is not enjoying his spot in the limelight after a particularly…interesting…blog posting on the pub’s blog. Thanks to TBD for going to chat with the publican.

The best pun of the day goes to the City Paper’s Alex Baca who called the new medical marijuana framework half-baked. Well played, Baca. Well played.

Lastly, the Nationals introduced 1B Adam LaRoche this afternoon at Nationals Park. Our friends at Nationals News Network were, of course, all over it, and make a fine point about this now being Mike Rizzo’s team. Will it be enough to win? Who knows, but it’s clearly all in Rizzo’s hands now.

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