Supreme Court rejects gay marriage vote challenge

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The Supreme Court this morning denied audience to Bishop Harry Jackson’s lawsuit against the DC Board of Elecitons and Ethics, which sought a citywide referendum on the subject of gay marriage.  The lawsuit was initially turned away by the DC Court of Appeals when the DCBOEE argued that to put gay marriage on the ballot would be to potentially authorize discrimination that was in violation of the Human Rights Act.

With the Supreme Court refusing to hear the case, the lower court’s ruling shall stand.  Perhaps Bishop Jackson will once again “move” back to Maryland?  We’ll see.

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9 thoughts on “Supreme Court rejects gay marriage vote challenge

  1. It’s a sad day for the USA that we have to put up with that kind of behavior. I really feel like I’m going to puke when I see gays in public together. Very offensive and raw. God please help America and remember we all aren’t like that.

  2. You are a filthy, disgusting person watergirl. I wonder what you will do if your children or grandchildren turn out to be gay.

  3. There’s really no evidence of a societal animus against the gays.

    Why can’t the people vote on who gets their “rights”? Why does everyone want to have a “marriage” all of a sudden?

    It’s not that wonderful anyway.

  4. You must be joking Seethelightofgod. No evidence, just what planet do you live on? Just read watergirls comment, one can see comments like that every time there is any kind of article on gay people. Not only in the American press but all over the world. Since you feel people should vote on other peoples rights, I’m sure your in contact with your representatives asking to have yours put up for a vote. Just because your marriage is a mess does not mean it should be denied to others.

  5. …you know, seethelight, I could refute that strikingly apologist first sentence with DADT, or name the recent gay suicides, or point out interracial marriage as an example of why voting on civil rights is a poor idea, but seeing as you seem to have already taken a see-no-evil stance–the equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears and going “LA LA I CANT HEAR YOU LA LA”–I think my time is better spent elsewhere other than to say that as a gay person, I find it very dryly amusing to see such claims being made even to this day. Then again, people are still denying the Holocaust, so I won’t hold my breath for change anytime soon.

    Sorry about the current reaction to your article, Tom. Hope you start getting more intelligent and reasonable comments before too long.

  6. Tom,

    How do we get the US Attorney to investigate Bishop Jackson for Voter Fraud and tax evasion? I believe he never paid DC income tax. I filed a compliant with the US Arty but they responded with nothing! This guy is a cheat and using God as his cover. I say a grand jury convene and find out if he in fact committed tax evasion and voter fraud! Where is the Justice