Two new candidates for At-Large City Council: Pat Mara and Bryan Weaver

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The special election this April to replace Kwame Brown’s At-Large seat, currently held by Sekou Biddle, just got a lot more interesting.  A 6am announcement on YouTube by brand new Ward 1 State Board of Education member Pat Mara, and a 10am announcement on TBD News Talk by Ward 1 community activist Bryan Weaver, add two more hats to the ring.

For those keeping score, that’s now 18 candidates who have taken out papers, or announced intentions to do so, to run for Kwame Brown’s seat in the April 26th citywide election.

Weaver was the focus of a draft movement started by occasional We Love DC columnist, and former DCist weekend editor, Dave Stroup, who raised over $1,000 to encourage Weaver to run for city council.  Weaver will likely be focusing his campaign on education and DYRS reform.

Mara’s announcement came as something of a surprise. A late night tip came in that there was a YouTube video floating around from an unlikely source announcing a candidacy for election to the council.  This morning, that was revealed to be newly minted school board member Pat Mara.  Mara ran for At-Large Council in 2008, and succeeded at unseating then-councilmember Carol Schwartz in the Republican primary, before losing to Michael A. Brown and Kwame Brown.

It’s about to get a lot more interesting on the campaign trail here in DC.

Full Disclosure: I was a donor to the Draft Weaver campaign.

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