Get your violent discourse fix tonight

image excerpted from Anti-Walmart flyer as seen on RedState

If you think that we should still be using crosshairs and targets on promotional materials for rallies, and think that threats of violence and intimidation make good community activism, then join the folks outside Dick Knapp’s house tonight in Woodley Park.  Knapp works with Foulger Pratt Development, which is developing the site on Georgia Avenue that has been said to be one of the spaces that Walmart is occupying.

While one can argue against Walmart’s business practices, and do so successfully in terms of what they do to wages and prices, arguing in front of a developer’s house isn’t okay. Doubly so when you put a crosshairs on the flyer. And, while we’re thinking about, go over at read Alex Baca’s excellent explanation of why Walmart isn’t the end of the world for DC.

So, argue against Walmart, but don’t do it through practices of personal intimidation and threats, alright?

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One thought on “Get your violent discourse fix tonight

  1. If I was the developer, having a bunch of (probably astro-turfed) protesters trying to intimidate me at my house would just empower me to get this development done even faster.