Dismemberment Plan for Newbies

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No one wanted to leave last night’s Dismemberment Plan concert. I can totally understand why. Like many things about DC, I was late to the party.  I moved to DC as the band was at its Zenith, with Emergency & I a recent hit with the indie rock community, but my tastes tend toward more strophic rock and roll, rather than the frenetic unversed music of Travis Morrison and his cohorts. But, recognizing what an opportunity this was, I bought my ticket and stood in the packed balcony of the 9:30 Club last night for the last of the DC concerts.

The four-piece band played their fifth concert in as many nights, and looked totally at home on stage at the 9:30 Club before a sold out crowd that was deeply reverent of the Plan.  As far as the audience was concerned, these guys could do no wrong.  City Paper said of the show today, “D-Plan records are great because they’re personal. D-Plan shows are great because they’re communal. It’s all about the ritual.”

Right on.  As someone who went to figure out what it was that everyone was so excited about, and to understand a bit of DC’s rock history, it was an incredible glimpse into a band about which no one seems to utter a negative, or even merely apathetic, word.  Color me a fan of their live show, and now an owner of Emergency & I for future reminders.

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