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Sports photography can be a very difficult business. Everyone’s moving, making it hard to follow while looking through a lens. Indoor sports are even harder to photograph, with lighting often being sub-par.

But the rewards are often great. Motion and emotion captured for all time. Dr Kim Veis does a great job shooting an amateur boxing tournament. His shots show the power and fluidity of motion, the emotion of winning and coaching.

And, once again, it’s a nice project. And it’s one that anyone can do in a single day (or just a few hours). Photography projects don’t have to take weeks to do — a simple series done well can be just as rewarding.

Born in Lebanon, Samer moved to DC to go to college. A lot of good that did him. Twenty-two years later, he still lives in the area. When he’s not writing for a blog or tweeting incessantly, he wanders the streets (and the globe) photographing whatever gets in his way.

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