The Internet says: Snow Tomorrow

Photo courtesy of
‘Snowflake Study’
courtesy of ‘Smithsonian Institution’

While we toil away at work, and while we sleep at night, Meteorologists and their babbage machines and difference engines churn away at weather modeling.  The latest models seem to indicate we’re in for a cold and snowy Wednesday,and that means it’s time to daydream about having the day off work (not bloody likely) and schools closing ahead of the storms (probably already happening).

The weather men are working with fickle nature and that always leads to hilarity when the storms don’t seem to go the way the models work.  Best among the sentiments I’ve seen today is my friend Erin: “Anyone want to bet on who is more accurate about tomorrow’s weather — the “scientists” or me just randomly writing things based on feelings”

Regardless, we can all daydream about the white fluffy stuff, and if we need a good chuckle, we can laugh at the customer service fail of this Harrisonburg snow gear shop, or be dazzled by the Smithsonian’s collection of snowflake images.

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2 thoughts on “The Internet says: Snow Tomorrow

  1. Tom,

    The forecast has gone back and forth on this one in the last week.

    Snow lovers are happy for the latest, although the Weather Channel seems to be in the clouds, calling for rain.