Metro to close Federal Triangle, Smithsonian metro stations for President’s Day weekend

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Another Federal Holiday weekend, another set of closed stations on a day that not everyone gets off.  Metro announced this afternoon that they will be closing Federal Triangle and Smithsonian for the weekend to comply with NTSB recommendations and make safety and reliability repairs.

As much as this sucks, and this sucks an awful lot, it’s better than single-tracking for weeks on end while they do work in fits and starts.  The orange and blue lines will run in two pieces, with no service at all between L’Enfant Plaza and Metro Center at all.  Metro will run shuttle buses between the two stations.

For those who just went scrambling to a calendar, the closure is from 10pm Friday, February 18th, through closing on Monday, February 21st.  Metro has said you should plan on adding 40 minutes to your commute if you have to traverse that area, and to please dress warmly so you can wait for the infernal shuttle buses without dying of frostbite or exposure.

In addition, the Red line will be single tracking during that time between Shady Grove and Twinbrook, so if you come in from the outer reaches, expect some quality standing on the platform time to add to your suffering.

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