How to boycott Daniel Snyder, professional douchebag

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By now, I’m certain, you’ve heard that Dan Snyder, pursuant to yesterday’s threats, has sued the Washington City Paper for defamation.  I generally think these are the craven actions of a coward who can’t handle criticism with honor, and you might well side with me.  Since the announcements yesterday, I haven’t seen a single person backing up Dan Snyder’s vendetta against Dave McKenna and the City Paper.  If there any backing Mr. Snyder, and their name isn’t Tony Kornheiser, perhaps you can kindly point them out, so I can study these bizarre sociological phenomena?

In the meantime, if you’d like to express your displeasure with Mr. Snyder’s intimidation tactics, might I suggest hitting him where it hurts? That’s right: the only place Danny ever feels pain: his wallet. Here’s a good guide to avoiding enriching Dan Snyder

He owns the Redskins

This one is easy. Stop giving the Redskins any money. Don’t buy their gear. Don’t go to games. Don’t watch them on TV. Easy.

He’s on the Radio

Snyder owns four radio stations in the DC area and three elsewhere in Virginia.  They are: WTEM (980AM) which does Sports Programming, WTNT WSPZ (570AM) which does Sports Programming, and ESPN Deportes Radio, WXTR (730AM) (no longer owned by Snyder, per comments). If you’re looking for sports talk radio, may I suggest 106.7 FM, which also carries sports talk, but isn’t owned by Snyder?  Hurting the ratings of WTEM and other Snyder-owned stations means he can charge less for advertising.

He’s on the Street Corner

The DC area has a couple Johnny Rockets restaurants (in Virginia, Maryland, and DC) but chances are if you value your health, you’re staying far far away from them.  If you need that burger-and-fries fix, may we suggest Ray’s Hellburger?  Looking for a diner? Look no further than Trinidad’s own Cap City Diner.  There are ways to get your chocolate malt and patty melt that don’t involve paying Dan Snyder.

Stop Watching Tom Cruise Movies

Snyder in 2006 backed Tom Cruise’s production company, Cruise/Wagner. Filmography for Cruise/Wagner is available at IMDB and includes such cinematic gems as “Death Race” (2008) and Mission Impossible III (2006).  Truthfully, you probably should just not see anything these guys make, generally speaking.  Their films are pretty terrible.

Don’t Think You Can Dance

Dan Snyder bought Dick Clark Productions back in 2007, which makes a couple shows on the air now, including So You Think You Can Dance.  It’s time to switch to Dancing with the Stars, people.  Don’t give that joker any of your attention.  DCP also does awards shows, including the Academy of Country Music Awards, the Golden Globe Awards and the American Music Awards. Frankly, after what Ricky Gervais did at the Golden Globes this year, you were going to stop watching anyway, right?

On Amusement Parks

While Mr. Snyder was once the Chairman of the Board for Six Flags, he has been removed from any capacity involved with Six Flags. We regret the error and have stricken the paragraph concerning the switch to Kings Dominion.

This is just the start.

If you’ve got a Dan Snyder backed business I missed, link it in the comments, with some good alternative suggestions?

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27 thoughts on “How to boycott Daniel Snyder, professional douchebag

  1. FWIW, Snyder doesn’t own AM 730 radio anymore and 570’s calls have changed to WSPZ.

  2. TV Rights are negotiated by the NFL collectively. So if you want Snyder to stop making money through TV revenues you should change the first one to Stop watching the NFL. Not watching the Redskins has no effect on Snyder’s wallet.

  3. Boycotts of these giant entities are virtually useless. Sure, you may get a few hundred people to stop buying jerseys from the Redskins store but that is a tiny drop in a grand canyon-sized bucket. Personally, I’m a Redskins fan and (for better or worse) will always be. I might not be fantatic enough to shell out a ton of money to go to that dump of a stadium and spend $12 a beer, but I will always have allegiance to the team. The “team” still needs our support, but if you want to ding Snyder’s wallets a bit, buy bootlegged jerseys and other merchandise.

    I compare it to being an American citizen. You might hate the President, but you are not moving to Canada because of the way the Prez is running the country. I’m not a big Snyder fan but all the whining and crying is just as pathetic to me.

  4. We made the switch to King’s Dominion years ago. Nicer employees, cleaner, more polite customers (and not as many being led out in handcuffs).

  5. Didn’t the Six Flags board give Snyder the boot for his mismanagement? Also it was the Asian guy who said “more flags, more fun.” Per McKenna’s article, Snyder found the bald guy “creepy.”

  6. I have intentionally stop my friends from going to Johnny Rockets because of Snyder. Several times now. I drag them to 5 Guys instead.

  7. So what you are saying is that it is okay to go out and defame someone just because they own a sports team and get away with it? C’mon? He takes criticism all the but he doesn’t have to take that. Get over yourself.

  8. I gave up on the Redskins several years ago, primarily because of the way Snyder runs the team. He’s an AH, and he ain’t getting any of my $$$.

  9. Snyder’s actions piss me off to no end. My dad (who was never a Redskins fan anyway) put it best several months ago: “I watch the Ravens (another team he has no special allegiance to). You know why? Because they’re actually competitive and have none of the non-football soap opera BS the Redskins are always dealing with. I can just sit back and enjoy a football game without hearing about the stupid owner or some overpaid prima donna every week.” How I envy my old man.

    I will not stop watching the Redskins. As big a d-bag as Snyder is, I will NOT let him ruin my appreciation for and devotion to this team, in bad times and good, which was established long before he ever showed up. I’ll try to keep my money out his pocket wherever I can, but I won’t let him spoil the burgundy and gold for me.

  10. I collectively spend roughly $2,500 a year on the aforementioned. NO MORE! I’m putting my money where my mouth is. F Snyder for good.

  11. I stop paying for Redskins tickets a couple of years ago, then my name got called up for season tickets, I told them I wasn’t giving a dime to Snyder. I love the team but I’ll just stay home, save my money, and wait for a new owner.

  12. I would never stop watching the redskins are you kissing me?! As a D.C. native I find it absurd your asking us to stop watching Redskins, anything else yes, but I love my skins before him and I will after him.

  13. The City Paper article seems true, but also completely negative. Dan Snyder appears to be your average mediocre billionaire NFL owner over the last 10 years, and his team’s success mirrors him. That’s not a bad thing – it’s a mediocre thing. Snyder did seem to go wilder and crazier with some of his moves this year – like there is no tomorrow, but due to the lack of a union agreement, there basically is no tomorrow, so he’s free to desprerately throw money, and it doesn’t hurt. Frankly, he strikes me as still being young for a billionaire. He seems to be a tight-fisted, intense, passionate man who has not gained the wisdom and light-heartedness that old age or suffering can bring.

  14. Make your own redskins gear, it’s unique and it’s a straight FU to the clown that runs them

  15. Gang, there is nothing we can do to accelerate the breathtaking pace at which Mssr. Synder is devaluing his property.

    Let’s just stay out of the way…..

  16. Ironically, the tone on 106.7 was appallingly deferential when Snyder made a live appearance Friday. (With the exception of whoever asked the question about the team nickname. I thought it was Wise but apparently it was Dukes; a point to him.)

  17. The Redskins may be owned by Snyder but the belong to our community. It’s time for us to take the team back. If the Egyptians can get a democracy then we can get a decent team owner. It is time to turn up the heat on Dan and get him out! A popular uprising. We need to tell the NFL, the fans and the DC area that we want a new owner. If we scream loud enough and long enough we can force him out!

  18. Just ignore the damn team. I loved them since I was a kid but this guy is too much. Can’t spend money or time, let alone love, on a cretin like Snyder.

  19. The Washington City Paper has started a Legal Defense Fund to fight Snyder and his cronie lawyers. Snyder is suing WCP for $2M, in hopes of bankrupting them. If you want to let Snyder know how you feel, contribute to the WCP defense fund, and help show Snyder that he’s messing with the wrong people. If enough money is generated, this plan to sue will backfire in his face as it will demonstrate that he has many, many people against him, and will prove once again that he’s one of the worst owners in the NFL. Go to, and let’s help protect them for speaking out and telling the truth about Snyder.

  20. It amazes me to see fans strongly support a team that is in the process of imploding. This team is supposed to represent and reflect the spirit and people of this city. If you are the type of person that sees nothing wrong with the (mis)managment of this team, then by all means root for them until they no longer exist. But is it irony that the owner of a franchise that has a racist label is claiming foul on an image of him clearly looking like a devil? If you are saying to your-self right now that “Redskins” is not a racist name, then lets look at another way. If the team was call the Blackskins and had a shaka zulu warrior on the side of their helments and had a white guy dressed in a warrior outfit AND a whole entire band marching up and down the field, this whole city would burn to the ground. And to comment on what DK said about being a US citizen in comparisons to football teams, I don’t mind the players, I think they are good players. I just feel a new team, new owner, new image and a fresh start is not only what is best for this team and city, a few years ago it was the best thing for this country.