Last Minute Advice for the V-Day crowd

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It’s Valentine’s Day, and that means if you haven’t made plans, you’re probably screwed.  We talked to our favorite Cranky Reservationist this afternoon, and she shared some tips with us for you to consider as you call around because you forgot it was Valentine’s Day:

  1. When you call, don’t pretend you don’t know what day this is. Your nonchalant request will be met with stifled laughter on the other end of the phone. You are not fooling anyone.
  2. Do not act surprised when the reservationist tells you the only time they have is 9:00pm or later. We are not lying. It’s not like we have a bevy of tables at 6 or 7 that we are withholding from you because we can tell you just don’t want it bad enough. Seriously, not the case.
  3. Be flexible and be happy with the time you get. It’s not our fault you forgot to call ahead. If you do get a much later time slot, I recommend finding a nearby theater, go watch a movie, have a small popcorn to tide you over, then come and wrap up your evening with a late dinner.
  4. Nobody – repeat, NOBODY – likes whiners.

You’ve been told, DC. No whining.

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