Massive Layoffs at TBD

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While it’s not yet clear who’s gone over at TBD, it’s clear that a lot of people lost their jobs today in a massive layoff the scope and depth of which are yet to be determined.  This is just short weeks after the writing went up on the wall when TBD was folded back in under Bill Lord’s chain of authority at WJLA.  It sounds as if a staff of 20 became a staff of 0 with 8 jobs.

We’ll be updating this post with details when they’re available.  In the meantime, we wish to thank each and every person at TBD that we’ve dealt with for their incredible professionalism, boundless enthusiasm, and detailed work.  We wish you all the best, and hope you’ll stay in this city, those who moved here for that job.

Update 1, 11:59a: According to our source, everyone involved with the Community team is out, as are all the news reporters and sports team. We’re so sorry, guys.

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2 thoughts on “Massive Layoffs at TBD

  1. As a former TBD staffer who works with We Love DC all I can say is … well, silence followed by a string of profanities.