Friday Happy Hour: Cappuccino

peregrine cappuccino by erin_m

It’s time for Friday Happy Hour, highlighting a drink we’ve recently enjoyed, every Friday at 4pm! Please share your favorites as well.

Traditionally, one celebrates with Champagne. Some things, though, one celebrates with coffee.

In this case, the celebratory beverage was a cappuccino from Peregrine Espresso. It seemed more appropriate at two in the afternoon on a Thursday, after all. Besides, there is always a faint air of luxury and rebellion about spending hours over coffee with a friend when everybody else is trapped in their offices, which even a lovely glass of wine cannot quite top.

My friend Erin had something very big to celebrate: A new job and its accompanying move to New York. I sipped my velvety smooth, beautifully poured cappuccino while she volleyed the final emails of negotiation with her new employer. I would say I ordered it with actual milk in honor of the special occasion – but in truth I simply forgot to ask for soy. Nonetheless, the rich Trickling Springs Creamery milk was prepared perfectly and tasted delicious.

Where else would I have gone with the person about to leave Washington, than to the cafe she has nigh-obsessively documented for longer than I have known her? Peregrine is her place. Having a cheerful place to go that feels like your own and, if you are lucky, friends to meet there, is how we start to build a life for ourselves in a new city. A life which is a little more comfortable, a little less scary and, occasionally, beautiful. I suspect she will have no trouble finding these things upon her move to New York (but I am willing to visit and help her do extensive testing to find the right one, if called upon).

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