Nationals Announce New Radio Partner, Spring Schedule

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The Nationals this morning announced an agreement with WJFK 106.7 “The Fan” to broadcast Nationals Games on the station, as well as on 1500AM, WFED.  The Fan will operate a studio behind (natch) Section 106 during home games, as well as a spot in the Nationals’ Shirley Povich Media Center high atop the Park. The team’s broadcasters, Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler, will be returning to their microphones for the Nationals as the voice of the team. Below the break are the first spring training games and their respective outlets.

The move to add an FM station as flagship will significantly bolster the service radius for the Nationals broadcast, as WFED’s broadcast range isn’t nearly as broad as WJFK’s broadcast range. The spring schedule indicates that they’ll be running daytime games (after the WJFK debut on March 6th) on 1580AM WHFS, which has a slightly different broadcast range.

3/6 vs Atlanta at 1:05pm on 106.7/1500
3/7 vs Houston at 1:05pm on 1580/1500
3/17 vs Atlanta at 6:05pm on 106.7/1500
3/18 vs St. Louis at 1:05pm on 1580/1500
3/19 vs New York Mets at 1:10pm on 106.7/1500
3/20 vs Detroit at 1:05pm on 1580/1500
3/24 vs Detroit at 6:05pm on 106.7/1500
3/25 vs St. Louis at 6:05pm on 106.7/1500
3/26 vs Houston at 1:05pm on 106.7/1500
3/27 vs. Florida at 1:05pm on 106.7/1500

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