Weekend Flashback 3/18 – 3/20 2011

Crude Rendering of DC Flag
Crude Rendering of DC Flag courtesy of Mr T in DC

Springtime is finally here.  Walking around Friday night was so refreshing. The last of winter is gone, and as of last night, Spring is here. The cherry blossoms are coming (look for a list of restaurant specials at 10am!) and warm days aren’t far behind. Evenings spent on the patio or roof deck this weekend are previews of spring to come. We loved all the great photos in our pool this weekend, here’s a great roundup…

Rugby Match: Eluding a Tackler
Rugby Match: Eluding a Tackler courtesy of Kevin H.


Goggles the Alien. The classic version
Goggles the Alien. The classic version courtesy of spiggycat


U.S. Institute of Peace
U.S. Institute of Peace courtesy of starbuck77


Shaw Scrabble
Shaw Scrabble courtesy of MichaelTRuhl


20110318-DSC_2234 courtesy of MudflapDC


Freedom and Super Moon
Freedom and Super Moon courtesy of Brandon Kopp


Sunset on the Mall
Sunset on the Mall courtesy of Karon

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