Weaver willing to do the Dirty Jobs according to video

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So far, from the advertising perspective, the At-Large campaign has been pretty bland. Lots of standard fare all the way around. Some have been upset by campaign ads near editorial material, in the Current newspapers for example, but overall the content of the ads is nothing to write home about. Trite sayings, promises that are rarely backed up, and logos that aren’t exactly inspiring.

That’s no surprise, though, as campaigns generally aren’t won or lost on logo design or ad placement, they’re won and lost on numbers. Stuck with a money deficit and an attention deficit as many reporters and pundits call this a Biddle vs. Orange race, Bryan Weaver has put out a campaign video spoofing the material done by Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs television show. It’s a pretty entertaining watch. It’s after the cut.

Disclaimer: I am a donor to Bryan Weaver’s campaign and display a yard sign for his campaign. I’d have written this same post if CM Biddle or Mr. Orange had put out a similar video.

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