Shutdown Looms: Now what?

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Late yesterday Speaker Boehner told House Republicans to get their staffs ready for the shutdown and the impact on the government of a full shutdown. This morning the White House did the same, asking OMB to distribute shutdown priorities and protocols to agencies today. While negotiations are far from over, there are three days until the continuing resolution expires, there’s certainly cause for concern as the two sides have each said this is the last midnight for negotiations.

As we approach the deadline, we’re hearing that the District Government may also have to shut down.  Why? As Mike Madden, editor of the City Paper, tweeted this morning: “Why would fed shutdown shut down D.C.? Because all of D.C.’s local tax revenue has to be re-appropriated back to city by Congress.”  So, even though the city runs on local tax revenue, the appropriations process being halted stops the flow of money into the city.

In their breakfast meeting this morning, the council was told that the Mayor has designated the entire DC Council staff as essential, but OMB questioned that choice, according to WTOP’s Mark Segraves.  Segraves also quoted Councilman Catania as saying, “This is bullshit,” which is just about how I feel about it.

If a shutdown does come, we’re looking at a standstill across the city.  As a friend sent over, though, that doesn’t mean that everything’s closed. This is still a town with a lot to do, even when a shutdown’s on.

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