Man glued to toilet seat in Elkton Walmart

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‘Who would have thunk it – a Grateful Dead toilet seat!’
courtesy of ‘Alaskan Dude’

I’m pretty sure if this had happened to me, I very likely would’ve committed hari kiri rather than call the authorities.  A Maryland man decided to brave the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and called 911 to get separated from the Walmart toilet seat that he was superglued to by a cruel prankster.  The victim, thankfully not identified, was eventually separated from the toilet seat and sustained “injuries to his buttocks” according to CNN.

Is there a worse fate?

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One thought on “Man glued to toilet seat in Elkton Walmart

  1. I think it’s worth pointing out that often when this sort of thing is reported it turnes out to be a self-inflicted hoax aimed at a lawsuit. I’m sure it’s been done before, but when you consider how strong superglue smells and how rarely most of us sit on a seat without examining it for spills…

    But maybe it’s a common prank that rarely works; we wouldn’t hear about all the times someone notices it and wipes it off or refuses to sit, I suppose.